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    GenrePop, Alternative, Electronica, RockMoodBright, Excited, Upbeat, CoolInstrumentBass, Drums, Keys, Snaps, Stomps, Tambourine, Electric Guitar, Sequencer, SynthArtistionie
    GenreIndie, Alternative, RockMoodEthereal, Mysterious, Swagger, DarkInstrumentAmbient Sounds, Bass, Bells, Drums, Electric Guitar, PianoArtistionie
    GenrePunk, Pop, Alternative, RockMoodDefiant, Gritty, Upbeat, UrgentInstrumentBass, Distorted Guitars, Drums, Horns, Stick Clicks, PianoArtistionie
    GenreCarnival, Alternative, Jazz, RockMoodBright, Empowering, Lively, TenderInstrumentDrums, Trombone, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Electric GuitarArtistionie
    GenrePop, Alternative, Ballad, RockMoodBrooding, Ethereal, Peaceful, SentimentalInstrumentCello, Rain Stick, Electric GuitarArtistionie