Octopus hugging pyramidLittle Brooklyn Labs

The Music Publishing branch of
Stroll Media.

Filmic Songs & Instrumental Production Music for Films/Ads/Games/TV/Web.

genre-bending tunes to breathe new life into every picture

Producers, Directors, Music Supervisors, Editors, Publishers and other Content Creators

You are welcome to search our specialty music library via soundcloud for easy-to-sync music. Try our smart filter tool to navigate our unique, boutique catalogue. Find the perfect, upbeat (non-romantic) love tune or that chill, downtempo, dark ethereal, ambient track for your project.– Contact us for a free consultation.

Little Brooklyn Labs, is our boutique Music Library curated by Tom Stroll, its main contributor.
We create songs and custom instrumental production music for:
Ads / Film / TV / Mobile / Games / Theater / Digital / Web / Series / Brands / Commercials


Stroll Media covers a broader range of content, co-producing entertainment media such as
music videos, feature films and events.

We serve clients in NY & LA, mostly, but global friends & collaborators are welcome. :)

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Enjoy!! :)

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