Making music since 1997. Making videos since 2005.

Founder Tom Stroll (CEO/Creative Director) is composer, writer, director, producer, polystrumentalist and voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammys®) with a background in music composition and film at NYU.

Neither North,, his singer-songwriter project gives him a chance to play songs with friends in the NYC area.

Novelty, Sincerity, Simplicity.

As storytellers, we know how to make your story sing without getting in the way of the writer / director’s narrative vision. We strive to make every story fun. beautiful. different. And we have obsessively high quality standards and we’re committed to delivering to your satisfaction.

We also provide a variety of creative and educational services to other artists, content creators, academic institutions, individuals, and businesses.

We are very excited about our latest release with singer-songwriter, ionie.

11 brand new songs: ready-for-picture

ionie is the trending new singer-songwriter whose self-titled, debut album is now available everywhere as of Thurs  April 23, 2015 at 12am

NEW SONGS NOW: available everywhere

ionie cover FInal

ionie (pronounced: ‘eye-oh-knee’)  is the first artist/band on Little Brooklyn Labs

Other Stroll Media related projects include a feature film called, Charlie Christ: the Gospel According to Fools
(Co-Produced with Ernest Zahn of Triello (formerly NPeaches); currently in post-production.

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