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Dear Parents,

Thank you for the opportunity to preserve the tradition of creating/performing music and song. Several of my students are sitting first chair in their middle and high school ensembles: on violin, sax, french horn, and a couple on trumpet. Others are getting a head start, plunking away on the piano in a ‘simon says,’ Call-And-Response fashion. So again, thank you!

Here are some of our exciting new offerings to look out for.

  • We will be adding a second recital to conclude our fall session (end of 2015)
  • All students/parents get FREE digital copies of any/all music and movies we create.
  • Soon, I am moving my home studio to NYC (East Harlem, Bushwick, or Astoria)
  • Please note, that I have added several resources to the Services>Lessons  tab on my site.
  • Here’s a new Curriculum to guide our journey from…
    • ‘How to hold my instrument’ to…
    • ‘What should I major in? to…
    • ‘How do I build and maintain a fulfilling career in the arts, media, tech, and/or entertainment biz?’
  • With several years of teaching experience on nearly a dozen instruments, I am gradually writing a music workbook,
    • it’s meant to be a shortcut to proficiency and musical literacy.
    • many other theory, method and rep books are bloated. Let’s cut out the fat.
    • materials will be made available as they develop.
  • We hope to start a summer ‘music and media camp’ (with an emphasis on original composition) in the next 3-5 years.
  • Lastly, we are now hiring other music teachers to expand our music school.

As we expand our offerings, we need to make some compensation adjustments to continue in a sustainable manner.

I personally had 28 students this past session, but moving forward, I am only taking about 15 students to focus on finishing some long term film projects (which will, in turn, provide a richer experience for your kids to see what goes on behind-the-scenes) so please reserve your time at your earliest convenience.


It has been an honor and delight to be your child’s friend and mentor.

Thanks a bunch for your support!!  :)

Tom Stroll



FREE lesson for every referral we close. First Lesson is a FREE TRIAL lesson.

NOTE: New pricing (below) set to take effect starting Jan 1, 2016.


Teacher at St. Catherine’s Church Home Lessons
Tom Stroll 146 182
Affiliated Instructors 110 125

Semester Discount
Save 5/hr for paying in full up front


P.S.  What shall we name this music school?
TSIM – Tom Stroll Institute of Music?
NNA – Neither North Academy (band name)?
KAM -Korbl Academy of Music (Korbl is mother’s maiden name)?
SAM – Strazzera Academy of Music (Strazzera was my family name before my grandfather named us after a type of dance music he used to play in his string quartet)?

I’m open to suggestions. Thanks again!

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