For Artists

Artist Package

One-stop shop for writing / producing your hit single and music video.

All for one flat fee the artist gets the following:

x writing sessions add’l writing sessions at producer’s discretion,

demo/mockup, 2 recording sessions (1 for band 1 one for vox),

then we edit, mix, master,


then we will write, sketch, direct, produce, shoot, edit, color correct and deliver via youtube

or vimeo (full sessions, deliverables may also be shipped or data transferred


one revision at each stage.


Limit: 2 songs, 1 video per artist per year.

additional revisions $1k per day or $200/hr

Individual services are also available


Signed or Break-out artists only

Minimum 50k views on a single youtube video

Publishing Co-Publsihg

our contacts and platform and release strategy are accesible to Artists under co-pubushing


All artists

Artists looking for industry connections and/or business consulting may also

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