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“One Half Man” by ionie
Arranged by Tom Stroll

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“8 New York Artists who could be the next Madonna”

• “ionie — who, like Beyoncé, goes just by her first name — has one of those haunting, Fiona Apple-like voices that you could hear just once and never forget.”
-Refinery 29

• “It has range, musical felicity…the songs are very strong.”
-Rob Mathes


ionie grew up fast under two roofs in San Francisco. Her father, an amateur jazz musician and comedian, was addicted to opiates for most of his life (Listen to: One Half Man).
Meanwhile, her mother, a dancer and art historian from Mexico City, together with her stepfather, provided a stark contrast of stability. Despite years of conflict, her parents were still able to nurture her artistic growth. ionie began singing at the age of 6 and recently graduated from New York University where she met friend and collaborator, Tom Stroll.

ionie had her radio debut on KPFK 90.7 FM radio in Los Angeles and was just featured in huffington post.

ionie ~ the self-titled, debut album

Music & Lyrics: ionie, Tom Stroll
Produced / Arranged by Tom Stroll of Little Brooklyn Labs

All Vocals: ionie
All Bass: Doug Drewes
All Drums: Diego Maldonado
All Percussion: Rebecca Reid

Tower Of London
Piano/Guitar/BGV: Tom Stroll
Additional Writers: Tara Ortiz

Piano: Elan Bortniker
Guitar: Chris Frank, Tom Stroll

Cold n Grey
Piano, Guitar & ‘Fork Guitar’, Mbira: Tom Stroll

Hot October
Piano: Elan Bortniker
Guitar: Chris Frank
Saxophone: Connell Thompson
Additional Writers: Chris Frank, Hayden Frank

Busy Busy
Keys: Isamu McGregor
Guitar: Tom Stroll
Trumpet: Michael Fatum
Trombone: Spencer C. Hale
French Horn: Casey Cronan

Burn Away
Guitar: Chris Frank
Cello: Kristine Kruta
Additional Writers: Chris Frank

New York City
Guitar: Chris Frank
Saxophone: Connell Thompson
Trumpet: Michael Fatum
Trombone: Spencer C. Hale
Additional Writers: Chris Frank, Rick Baue

When Ya Comin Home?
Keys: Isamu McGregor
Guitar: Tom Stroll
Additional Writers: Russell Angelico

Didn’t I
Guitar: Tom Stroll

Give Me Your Eyes
Piano: Elan Bortniker
Violin: Tessa Sacramone, Josh Henderson, Gabryel Smith
Viola: Alex Wong
Cello: Alexandra Jones

One Half Man
Piano: Isamu McGregor
Violin: Leigh Wallenhaupt, Dylan Shane
Viola: Sarah Haines
Cello: Kristine Kruta

[This is not per-song:] Recording Engineer: Merter Yildirim
Assistants: Andrew Madden, Garvin James, Senem Pirler, Sarah Fishman
Recorded at James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio (NYU)
Cover Design: Tamara B. Hayes
Photos by: Paul Terrie

Mixing: Robert Hann, Tom Stroll
Editing: Tom Stroll, Robert Hann
Mastering: Tom Scheponik

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