You’re invited to delight in the edgy thrills and calming ethereal pools of trek-tastic tone-poetry treasured in these playlists. Enjoy!! :)

LICENSING: +1(424)272-5631


Little Brooklyn Labs is

a boutique, one-stop music house with easy-to-clear songs & library music.

Custom Songs, Scores, & Alternative Soundscapes for Storytellers;
we make some of New York’s best. :)

Commission our budget-friendly, genre-bending tunes to breathe new depth into every picture.
Easy-to-license songs and instrumental production music curated by Tom Stroll, its main contributor.

Let’s have a Skype-uccino @ Café Zoom!!

Because you’re working on something epic, funny, or inspiring; feel free to contact me now by Txt (SMS) so we can have a quick chat and I can solve whatever challenge(s) you’re facing right now in the music & audio space.

Thanks for your time! Looking forward to the possibilities.


Tom Stroll
Producer / Composer / Publisher
Licensing: +1(424)272-5631
Custom:    +1(203)989-0190


P.S. Contact me now by Text (SMS) to book a time. If I don’t respond in about 9 sec, please feel free to leave your email address & mobile # so there’s a way I can reach you to followup about the collab. Ty” – Tom Stroll

LBL Vibes are crafted & curated especially for your ears with your tastes, your notes & your project’s tone/character in mind.

Little Brooklyn Labs is a Stroll Media company


(…for Showrunners, for TV Producers, for Film Directors, for Film Producers, for Filmmakers, for Auteur Filmmakers, for Creative Directors, for Music Directors, for Music Supervisors, for Music Editors, for Editors, for Theatre Directors, for Theater Directors, for General Managers, for Theatre Producers, for Theater Producers, for Podcasters, for Remixers, for Remix Artists, for Content Creators, for Influencers, for Real Influencers, for Authentic Influencers, for Agencies, for Creatives, for Brands, for Film, for TV, for Trailers, for Ads, for Commercials, for Adverts, and for Content Creators)

Find the perfect, upbeat (non-romantic) love tune or that chill, downtempo, dark ethereal, ambient track for your project. Not enough swagger? Let us cook up something new for ya.  — Contact us today for a free consult.

Licensing: +1(424)272-5631
Custom:    +1(203)989-0190

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