Let’s talk about the art and science of the Content Creation biz.
Let’s talk about communication philosophies and mastering the craft.
Let’s talk about the realities of monetizing entertainment media with a focus on music, memes, video, Songwriting, Publishing, emerging technologies, corporate gigs, sponsorships, and other artist revenue streams.

OR, let’s just nerd out on music theory. I’ve got a system called, P.I.T.C.H.
That stands for: Pitch, Intensity, Time, Color, & Harmony.
It can be used as a checklist or as a compositional tool.

Save your students and peers weeks or years of trouble navigating this complicated landscape.
They will be most grateful to you.

We welcome inquiries regarding master classes, guest lectures, contests, adjudication festivals, and commencement address/commencement speeches.

Thanks for your time!


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