Hurrah a bolt of light

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    GenrePop, Alternative, Electronica, RockMoodBright, Excited, Upbeat, CoolInstrumentBass, Drums, Keys, Snaps, Stomps, Tambourine, Electric Guitar, Sequencer, SynthArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17178,17179']
    GenreAlternative, Indie, RockMoodEthereal, Mysterious, Swagger, DarkInstrumentAmbient Sounds, Bass, Bells, Drums, Electric Guitar, PianoArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17176,17177']
    GenrePunk, Pop, Alternative, RockMoodDefiant, Gritty, Upbeat, UrgentInstrumentBass, Distorted Guitars, Drums, Horns, Stick Clicks, PianoArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17188,17189']
    GenreCarnival, Alternative, Jazz, RockMoodBright, Empowering, Lively, TenderInstrumentDrums, Trombone, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Electric GuitarArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17173,17175']
    GenrePop, Alternative, Ballad, RockMoodBrooding, Ethereal, Peaceful, SentimentalInstrumentCello, Rain Stick, Electric GuitarArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17184,17185']
    GenreBurlesque, Pop, Alternative, JazzMoodEmpowering, Sensual, Swagger, YearningInstrumentDrums, Sax, Trumpets, Upright Bass, Washboard, Electric Guitar, PianoArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17190,17191']
    GenrePop, Alternative, Classical, RockMoodDefiant, Ethereal, Stirring, DarkInstrumentStrings (Orchestral), PianoArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17192,17193']
    GenreAlternative, Indie, Electronica, RockMoodCool, Dark, Sentimental, YearningInstrumentBass, Drums, Marimba, Electric Guitar, Piano, Sequencer, SynthArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17182,17183']
    GenreAlternative, Classical, Ballad, RockMoodDefiant, Empowering, Fiery, SentimentalInstrumentBass, Drums, Finger Cymbals, Organ, Strings (Orchestral), Vibes, PianoArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17194,17195']
    GenreBlues, Alternative, RockMoodEasygoing, Empowering, Sensual, YearningInstrumentBass, Drums, Keyboard, Electric GuitarArtistionie
    [waveplayer size='' info='' ids='17180,17181']
    GenreAlternative, Ballad, RockMoodBrooding, Melancholy, Sophisticated, SentimentalInstrumentBass, Drums, Electric GuitarArtistionie
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